What would it be like to be a ... singer?

We asked Brooke McClymont – a singer and songwriter – what it’s like to be up on stage and work in a band.
Brooke has performed as a soloist: Her song I Can’t Wait reached the Top 50 in Australia and was recorded by Hillary Duff. She is now playing and recording with her sisters, Samantha and Mollie, in their own band The McClymonts. Their albums have charted in the Australian Top 50, and at the Australian Country Music Awards in 2009 The McClymonts won the Best Group or Duo of the Year for the third time in a row!

Brooke McClymont - singer, songwriter and award winner

Brooke, where have you toured that was the most memorable? (Abbey)

Nashville, Tennessee, in the USA.
It’s the place!

Is it scary to be up on stage in front of the crowd? (Sasha)

Always! Ha ha! I'm so nervous before I hit the stage.

How long does it take to put on your stage makeup? (Izaac)

5 minutes.
I've got it down-pat now. It’s not always good but it does the job ;)

Where is the furthest place from Australia you have toured? (Rohan)

Iraq and Afghanistan in the Middle East. [The McClymonts
performed 12 shows to the Australian and International troops, who were posted overseas, as part of the ‘Tour De Force’]

How many roadies and crew do you take with you on tour? (Abbey)

We are the roadies. We're not rich but we’re working on it. One day that would be awesome to have our own crew.

'The McClymonts' - Mollie, Samantha and Brooke

Is it always fun singing with your sisters? (Rohan)

Most of the time ;)
We do fight but we get along. It’s great working with my sisters. There’s never a dull moment.

Do you collect autographs of other singers? Do you collect any other musical 'stuff'? (Jessica)

No, I never get autographs because I hate lining up.
I'm lazy, but I do love collecting stubby-coolers of every town we have been.

You must be 'on the road' a lot. Do you ever get homesick? (Angus)

We're on the road probably 17 days a month so, yeah, I do get a bit homesick.
I think I miss my bed the most.

Do you ever play when there are kids in the audience? (Morgan)

Yes, all the time.
It all depends what venue where singing at but we love singing for kids. They rock!!!!

Do you play different instruments than just guitar? (Sasha)

No, I wish.
I should learn a new instrument!

'The McClymonts' on stage!

Is it more fun singing live or making video clips? (Tara)

I like both.
Film clips are so much fun, as is singing live, so … I like them both, but they’re both so different.

We listened to lots of your music, had a vote, and then we picked our two favourite songs. They were My Life Again and Baby's Gone Home. Do you have a favourite song that you like to perform? (Maxime)

I like You were Right
because it’s fun and up-beat ... and it pays out on boys!

You played at Wrest Point in Hobart, Tasmania. What was that like? (Jake)

I love Tasmania.
It was so much fun. People know how to party down there!

Brooke rockin' out on stage!

Thank you so much Brooke for answering all our questions.

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Sasha was fortunate enough to get the signatures of The McClymonts when they were playing in Adelaide. How cool is that!

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