What would it be like to be a ... Cartoonist?

We asked Jean Laplace who creates the spot-the-difference cartoons called Eye Twister that we see in our local newspaper and that can also be found published in newspapers around the world - what it's like to be a cartoonist.
Jean Laplace - the creator of the 'Eye Twister' cartoons.

1. How old were you when you drew your first
Eye Twister? (Bailey, Rebecca and Morgan)

I created my first when I was 30 years old. I was published in a French newspaper under the heading, ‘Spot the Difference?

2. How do you design each cartoon? (Bailey, Izaac and Morgan)

Each cartoon is drawn in pen and ink (china ink). Then 2 copies are made in order to include 8 differences in the 2nd copy.

CanYOU find the differences?

3. How many years have you been cartooning? (Adrian)

I have been a cartoonist for more than 50 years. I started to publish my first drawings when I was 18 in French newspapers.


4. If you weren’t a cartoonist what would you be? (Adrian and Maia)

I love nature. I think being a forest ranger would have really suited me.

5. Do you laugh at any of your pictures? (Jessica, Helena and Ruby)

I really have a laugh when I think of the idea in the joke.

6. Do you have a favourite picture? (Simon)

I have several favourite cartoons, but the one I like the most is the one about the large woman who is on a diet and finds some scales in the fridge!

Laplace's favourite cartoon!

7. From where do your ideas come? (Ruby and Jessica)

I find most of my ideas when I am either sitting in front of a blank piece of paper, walking in the street, watching TV or looking at a magazine.

8. Have you seen your Eye Twister in the newspapers of different countries? How many newspapers have Eye Twister? (Rebecca)

Yes, my cartoon is published in several newspapers in different countries: France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Canada, Brazil, Australia and even in Japan.

9. What is Eye Twister called in French newspapers? Is it called different names in other languages? (Class Question)

In France and in Switzerland it is called “Spot the Difference?

10. What are the most differences you have ever put into an Eye Twister? (Morgan)

I never put more than 8 differences in my cartoon.

11. How many Eye Twisters have you created? (Izaac)

To this date I have created 10 810 Eye Twister. The first is numbered number 5000 and right now I am drawing number 15 810.

12. Have you done any Eye Twisters on Australia? (Class Question)

I have done a few drawings with an Australian theme, especially on the kangaroo.

Ah ... so that's what kangaroos keep in there!

13. Are you famous? (Sam)

I think I am quite well-known in France through my newspapers’ publishing of Eye Twister or my other humorous drawings.

14. When writing to someone from overseas we like to ask: 'What do you know about Tasmania?' (You're not allowed to research it before writing back!)

I know Tasmania is a large island in the south of the Australian continent. I do, though, know a little more about it since the newspaper, The Mercury, published my cartoon Eye Twister. I also had the pleasure of seeing the city of Hobart on TV in the program ‘World in Direct’.

Have a nice day!

Thank you, Laplace, for your information about how you have created all those cartoons. We all want to take up a pen and start to draw!