Artist - Sonia Singh

How do you recreate your dolls?


We asked Sonia Singh about her transformation of 'fashion' dolls into Tree Change Dolls. Sonia "rescues and rehabilitates" 'fashion dolls' that she has located in tips shops and op shops and gives them a "tree-change, swapping high-maintenance glitz 'n' glamour for a down-to-earth style."

We were fortunate to have Sonia visit us and actually begin a 'make-under' in class.
She brought in a variety of dolls that were completed and ready for sale and also other dolls heading along the path of a transformation. Following you will see images of our day with Sonia and the change from "trash(y) to treasure".

The fashion dolls arrive totally unaware of the make-under that is ready for them. The first two step forward ...

As you can see, the fashion doll on the left is ready for a complete scrub ... The doll on the right has had phase one completed.

The dolls relax on the make-under table ...

One of the students closely examine's Sonia's work. It's not long until the make-up is gone and the new face is ready for a different type of make-over.

Just the finishing touches and, voilà, a new doll is born!

We were excited when the local newspaper - The Hobart Observer - featured Sonia and our class as the top news story!

Here's the front page ...

What's REALLY cool is when students tackle a task ... Here's Zoe's 'Tree Change Doll' of her own design and creation. Excellent work Zoe!

Not to be outdone Tabby created her own Tree-Changer!

Zoe really got on a roll and wanted to send some clear messages with the following images.

Zoe again!

Pik kwan has drawn a beautiful & natural image of a Tree Change Doll, and Thomas L has drawn a 'Sonia-Tree-Change-Doll'!

Henry has created a scale-model drawing and Lauren has made a big-hairy-Tree-changer!

The boys didn't want to miss out either! Here are a couple of male-gendered dolls who have been made to look more country-than-catwalk! Thanks Thomas S & Jonty.
Lara and Tyrus have both created well-designed dolls that are ready for a day's hiking rather than a night's clubbing ...
Tabby, Jack & Aida have all drawn their ideas of how a doll could change if she were tree-changed!

Grace has really shown how much fun a girl could and SHOULD have ... in mud! Zoe has shown us a great close-up of her tree-changer!

Finally, Max has shown us his stylish but real-life doll, and Olivia has her doll playing outside. What a great place to be!

As you can see, our Tree change Doll - who we named Lexi - went up for auction. She became a fund raiser for Tas Land Conservancy. Here are the details on her FaceBook page!

Our story for the charity auction.

What a great result from the auction! We are really pleased to see Lexi go to a new home and proceeds going to a great charity.