What was it like to be the major character in the film version of The Phantom Tollbooth?

We asked Butch Patrick – well known as Eddie Munster from the TV series ‘The Munsters’ – about playing the major role of the character Milo in the movie version of The Phantom Tollbooth. Milo was both human and animated in the movie!

Butch 4.jpg
Hey, it's Butch!
Butch 3.jpg
On the left is Butch in character as Eddie Munster and on the right is Eddie with the rest of the Munster family.

Did you enjoy singing in 'The Phantom Tollbooth'? (Elsa)

Not really.

Butch Patrick 2.jpg
Here is the poster for The Phantom Tollbooth. Butch is looking out past the colourful characters into the Tollbooth's world.

Which was your favourite character from the movie? (Elsa and Caitie)

Tock the Watchdog

Butch - Tock.jpg
Tock, the ever faithful companion to Milo.

Did you have a favourite line in the movie? (Lucy)

When I was talking on the phone at the beginning AND the end!!!

Butch 11.jpg
"Everything's a drag," says Milo. Not for long though!

If you were given your own phantom tollbooth where would you like to go? (Samir)

Into the future!!!!

Butch 7.jpg
Milo's just about to enter the Tollbooth ... and change into an animated character!

Did you find time to go to school with filming of this movie and also The Munsters? (Alexander)

3 hours a day. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

Butch 9.jpg
Butch mightn't get too bored in real life, but Milo certainly found himself in the Doldrums!

What part of the movie did you enjoy the most? (Ellie, Samir, Charlotte and Mohammed)

Doing V.O. (voice over) work with Mel Blanc, June Foray and Daws Butler

Butch 12.jpg
Mel Blanc as Officer Short Shrift; June Foray as Faintly Macabre; and Daws Butler as the Whether Man

How old were you when you filmed 'The Phantom Tollbooth'? (Caitie and Verity)


Did you like the changes that were made in the movie from the book? (Ellie)


Butch 10.jpg
Milo finally finds that life isn't boring but can be one great adventure. Thanks Butch for bringing this movie to life. Another generation are enjoying 'The Phantom Tollbooth' both as a wonderful novel and a fantastic movie.

Butch a.jpg
Sophie has caught a glimpse of the gang headed off in the little red car. Charlotte has drawn a wonderful picture of the Tollbooth. What could be on the other side?
Butch b.jpg
Verity has shown us a very good speller in her Spelling Bee, and Ellie's shown the crazier side to her character!
Butch c.jpg
Samir has shown us a very dapper Humbug; Charlie's Humbug is a great shade of green; and Ezekiel's Humbug seems as if he would love to do a tap dance!
butch d.jpg
Daniel, what a wonderful Mathemagician!; ____ has shown us a great King of Maths; and Tim's Mathemagician is surrounded by numbers ...
Butch e.jpg
Bridget has created a most noble companion in Tock; Chloe's Milo is ready for anything; and Charlotte's take on the Spelling Bee seems quite wise ... W.I.S.E
Butch f.jpg
Ash is showing us the mysterious journey through the Tollbooth; John has shown us what the present looked like when it was all wrapped up. What a present too!